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2017- 2018 Competitive Team Evaluations in studio

Saturday September 9,2017 

Tap – 10:00 AM

Hip Hop – 10:45 AM

Lyrical – 11:30 AM

Jazz – 12:15 PM

Jazz Acro – 1:00 PM

Contemporary – 1:45 PM

Musical Theater – 2:30 PM

*** Schedule subject to change!

*** Mini dancers by recommendation only for Junior classes

*** Junior dancers by recommendation only for Pre-teen or Teen classes     

  • Dancers that wish to evaluate for KIO! Competitive dance must complete registration along with waiver form and pay registration fee in advance.



Some key things that dancers will learn in the competitive dance program at KIO!:


  1. Working with team mates is key for success.
  2. Performing in front of an audience can be fun and help with building confidence.
  3. Gracefully receiving feedback is necessary and using that feedback for improvement is important.
  4. Appreciation for dance as an art and understanding the competition experience is about growing as a dancer through skill and maturity.
  5. Displaying sportsmanlike conduct at all times is very important.
  6. The art of dance translates into valuable skills and friendships that will last a lifetime!


Competitive dance is for the dedicated dancer that is able and willing to put in their time & energy that is necessary for success.  There are extra fees involved with competitive dance for workshops, necessary items dancers need  as well as travel regionally and out of state for national event.

  • DANCER LEVEL OF COMMITMENT weekly practice: Minis & Juniors approximately 2-4 hours weekly (2-3 days) , Pre-teen, Teen and Adult approximately 4 – 7+ hours weekly (2-4 days).    
  • ALL KIO! Competitive Dancers are required to take strength & conditioning class.  Dancers that are in jazz, jazz acro, lyrical, contemporary and musical theater are also required Ballet , technique leaps & turns class.  This is included in the commitment of weekly practice.
  • There is also a possibility of additional practice time if necessary.  If you cannot commit then please consider recreational dance classes.
  • Participation in KIO! Dance Boosters is necessary for team members to receive assistance.

KIO Customer testimonials

Very welcoming. The staff and dancers are all very friendly and helpful.
Kristina Seymour, Kristina Seymour
Love it!!! Friendly environment. Family orientated. Excellent instructors! I highly recommend this studio.
Tracy Heusinkveld, Tracy Heusinkveld
The best dance studio my daughter has ever attended KIO forever she will be !!
Melisa Keck, Melisa Keck
"Excellent place to dance or to have your kids dance!!!!!!" My daughter has learned so much in the 2 years she has been dancing. I'm so greatful to the owner and instructors. She's made a lot of friends and has learned great team work skills.
Derek and Sara Mills, Derek and Sara Mills
I just went to sign Alyce, my 3 year old up for dance and everyone there at Kick It Out was amazingly nice even though we came on a really busy day!!! Both Alyce and I are really excited for her to start!!!
Samantha Fase, Samantha Fase
This dance studio is fantastic and the staff is amazing! I would definitely recommend everyone to check it out!
Rosie Benson, Rosie Benson

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  Phone: 517-582-6784

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